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We have given our website a complete overhaul in terms of how it looks and functions. We shall be keeping you informed of new events, publications and general news regarding the Best Health for Children project. If you have any views or suggestions as to how we can improve this site, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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Highstreet versus Online Chemist: Which is the Best?

Everything is going online and pharmacies or chemists have joined the ranks of online retailers. Today, you can find many quality and legal pharmacies online that can help you with doctor’s consultations, prescriptions, and other products. They work the same as a highstreet chemist except that you don’t have to drive there or stand in ..
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7 major symptoms of Menopause

When a woman reaches her middle age, the body goes through a transformation. There are hormonal changes that affect a woman both physically and mentally. The exact age of menopause cannot be said; it varies from person to person. But it is possible to tell when the journey of menopause begins. There are signs and ..
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3 risk factors associated with head lice and the types of head lice

Lice are the plural used for louse and it the kind of parasite that is found on the head of the human beings. It is one of the most common conditions found in kids who are at their school and pre-school age. It is a contagious issue as the parasite can travel from one person ..
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Preventing Cold Sores Using Magic of Nature

A cold sore, caused by the Herpes virus, is definitely not welcome on your face or any other part of the body. Not only has this fluid filled lesion reduced the cosmetic beauty of a person, but also it is annoying and that much painful downright. These cold sores can pop up on anywhere on ..
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National Training and Development Officer

This post has been created to develop the training structure of the Best Health for Children programme. Best Health for Children is a conjoint programme acting on behalf of all the Health Boards to improve the health of children and young people. The programme is part of the Health Board Executive (HeBE) the agency established to facilitate joint working between Health Boards. The post holder will work with the Assistant Director in managing and developing the training structure.