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Child Health Indicators
A sub-committee has been established to make recommendations regarding the practical aspects of developing appropriate, feasible and meaningful indicators of child health. It carried out a survey of core child health data currently being collected by each Health Board. Only information regarding birth notifications is collected and collated in a standardised fashion by all Health Boards.

Data is also being provided by the E.S.R.I. in order to inform the process. The Western Health Board has undertaken to conduct a demonstration project on the development of Child Health Indicators and will communicate feedback re progress to the Co-ordinators.


The report stresses the importance of parental empowerment and the need to develop appropriate and flexible parenting programmes. A parenting sub-committee was formed to address this important issue. Detailed terms of reference have been drafted by the subcommittee and accepted by the Chief Executive Officers. The committee plans to produce a report on development of a parenting strategy by Summer 2001.

The Mid-Western Health Board is carrying out a pilot review of all aspects of Parent Held Child Health Records and will be linking closely with the Co-ordinators in this regard.

Staff Training

The report acknowledges the need for quality assurance in all screening activities. To this end, a sub-committee was set up to identify the training needs of doctors and public health nurses directly involved in delivery of the core child health surveillance programme, and to arrange appropriate training for these professionals. Once this element of training needs has been catered for, the Co-ordinators – in conjunction with relevant individuals and bodies – will examine training needs of other personnel involved in delivery of the “Best Health” programme

School Medical Service

The report makes recommendations and proposes radical changes regarding the school medical service. The North Western Health Board will pilot the new programme in its region and report the outcome of the evaluation to the Co-ordinators. This DVD project you can show with the Movie DVD Copy program…

To date, the clerical and day-to-day administrative support to the project has been provided by the staff of the North Western Health Board. The Co-ordinators would like to acknowledge with gratitude the unfailing courtesy and co-operation received at all times from these staff.