Highstreet versus Online Chemist: Which is the Best?

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Highstreet versus Online Chemist: Which is the Best?

Everything is going online and pharmacies or chemists have joined the ranks of online retailers. Today, you can find many quality and legal pharmacies online that can help you with doctor’s consultations, prescriptions, and other products. They work the same as a highstreet chemist except that you don’t have to drive there or stand in a queue or feel embarrassed about your query or medications that you have to pick up.

Highstreet Chemists

Highstreet chemists are what we are all used to. You get your prescription from the doctor and the friendly pharmacists fill it for you. You can also buy several toiletry products and other items from the chemist. When it comes to prices, some items may be more expensive than those sold online. However, it has been found that if you buy bulk online chemists are cheaper, but if you just buy a few items, you may find that the highstreet chemist is cheaper.

There is something to be said for the personal touch and human contact, so if you want that from your pharmacy, the highstreet will be best. However, if you live in remote areas or cannot get to a highstreet chemist, online may be a better option.

Online Chemists

Online chemists have increased in popularity mainly due to the convenience factor. Buying products online and even getting a prescription from an online doctor is a great relief to many people who may struggle to get to a highstreet chemist for whatever reason. It is also a great option if you want to avoid queues, nosy neighbours, and potential embarrassment. All your purchases from an online chemist stay between you and the chemist and no-one else has to know. They can even deliver your items in unmarked packages to your door.

Online chemists advertise that their prices are cheaper than highstreet chemists’ but this is not necessarily the case. If the price is a factor for you, you should compare highstreet and online prices before making a decision.

The decision about which chemist is the best lies with the customer. Some people prefer convenience and discretion and others want to have the human touch. Costs are not that much different, so if you don’t mind paying a pound or two more, there really isn’t much difference. Online chemists are often preferred by people who live in remote areas or who are immobile for some reason. It is also the best option if you want medications like Viagra or Propecia to be delivered discreetly. Highstreet chemists may be the best choice for you if you like to meet your pharmacist and experience the personal touch that human contact can bring.

So, which one is better – highstreet or online chemist? The decision is up to you and your preferences.


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