Preventing Cold Sores Using Magic of Nature

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Preventing Cold Sores Using Magic of Nature

A cold sore, caused by the Herpes virus, is definitely not welcome on your face or any other part of the body. Not only has this fluid filled lesion reduced the cosmetic beauty of a person, but also it is annoying and that much painful downright. These cold sores can pop up on anywhere on the body, but mostly it appears on or around the lips, that often group up to tease you and crust is formed over it.

Well, you might be finding the treatment for this annoying pop-up, but unfortunately, there is no magical treatment that can treat cold sores, but the bright side is, there are some preventive measures that you can try to lessen the breakouts, severity and its duration.

Some Amazing Home Remedies for the Prevention of Cold Sores:

The preventive measures for the cold sores don’t need to be that much difficult or expensive. So, I have a few tips that don’t break your back and bank. Follow these decent tips to ease your discomfort caused by the cold sores:

Hands Off

I know it sounds annoying, but it is really important to keep your hands off from the sores or crust by your mouth. It could be near impossible to resist that, but if you do that, you can surely end up aggravating the condition. Picking up the sores can actually cause the bacterial infection that can spread and make the case even worse. So, stop touching or rubbing your hands over the sores as they are contagious and are not confined only to a single part.

Get Milk Therapy

Putting a whole cold milk compress over the sores can also facilitate healing and ease the pain. The reason behind the fact is that milk contains immunoglobulins that prevent and fights the viruses and bacteria invading the body. Moreover, some amino acids present in the milk prevent the inflammation and speed up the healing. In a nutshell, get the milk compress and dose of milk to soothe the discomfort of the sores.

Disinfect with Hydrogen Peroxide

Love it or hate it, hydrogen peroxide is the effective thing to do with the cold sores. Although it is not pleasant to treat the sores with this burning solution, however, it is less painful than the sore itself. The hydrogen peroxide has the ability to disinfect the skin, speeding up healing and makes its near impossible virus to spread. As it is the infection, so keeping it clean make it go faster.

All you need is to soak a cotton ball in the hydrogen peroxide solution and place it directly over the sores. It will sting at first, but hold on for approx. 5 minutes to make it work.

Moreover, you can treat the sores with some vanilla extract, cornstarch paste or aloe gel. However, as it the virus, it will never go away using these simple fixes. But, these remedies can surely help to reduce the inflammation, help it in healing faster and reduce the discomfort and pain.


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