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The Irish Kidscreen Pilot Project of the European project KIDSCREEN: Screening for and promotion of Health related Quality of Life in children and adolescents – A European Public Health Perspective (QLRT-2001-02925). The Kidscreen international co-ordinator in chief is Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer of the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany.

The Kidscreen project is a European collaborative effort to develop a questionnaire of health-related quality of life for children and adolescents (8-17years). The Kidscreen questionnaire will be of a generic nature, will reach quality standards in instrument development and be practical for use in public health settings throughout Europe. This cross-cultural project assesses children’s opinions about their perceived health. The project aims

(a) to increase understanding of children’s subjective health,
(b) to monitor health status over time,
(c) to assess public health interventions and finally
(d) to identify children at risk in terms of their subjective health. Best Health for Children are coordinating the project on behalf of the Child Health Indicators Working Group with support from both the South Eastern Health Board and the Western Health Board.

Dates: May 2002 – February 2003 (Pilot)

Jean Kilroe
Assistant Research Officer
Best Health for Children